Mohammed Al Andalusi – Qatar Construction Company won the Best Performance Award for a Local Dealer in the Middle East from Hyundai Heavy Industries in 2017 in recognition of the company’s efforts and performance. The event was held in South Korea in the presence of top customers and managers.
Issa Shawki, General Manager of Qatar Construction Company, Heavy Equipment, said: “The company is keen on quality and performance development. This is part of our commitment to provide the best performance to customers and to provide the best technology and the latest equipment needed by the local market. South Korea Hyundai Construction, Cranes and Heavy Equipment. We value the strategic relationship that has been in place for several decades. The company’s acquisition of the award comes in the framework of the continuous work of all components of the company to increase its performance and develop its capabilities on a continuous basis. Miz and larger in major development projects ».
He added that the company’s award drives it to deliver more outstanding performance and is a culmination of its strenuous efforts to enhance the strength of the heavy equipment sector in the local market.
He stressed that the unjust blockade on Qatar no longer affects the performance of all economic sectors in the country, pointing out that the challenge was at the beginning of the blockade is to secure the needs and requirements of the local market, and then worked The company to organize its ranks and rearrange its papers quickly and professionally, especially after the blockade of all the roads of the blockade, direct us to the factory and the main source of import from it directly without the need for any stop at the ports of the embargo, but directly from the factory to the local market through the port of Hamad International.
He pointed out that the company has worked to find suitable and appropriate alternatives, and also better than those that were cut because of the countries of the blockade and worked to provide all the requests of customers and parts needed, stressing that the company has overcome the repercussions of the unjust siege, because of flexible plans and accurate set by the company, pointing out that Vehicles and equipment are imported directly from the parent company in South Korea directly without passing through any port to the ports of the blockade until reaching Hamad Port, which has played a prominent role in defeating the blockade since the early days, especially since the costs at Hamad port are significantly lower compared with the Taka Lev, which was being paid in the ports of the embargo countries.
He pointed out that the company has benefited from the distinctive infrastructure, which the State has invested heavily in it to become the best infrastructure among the countries of the region, as well as providing all facilities, which reflected on this vital sector and enhance its participation in the national economy.