Qatar Building Company won the title of the Olympic Football Championship in its 28th edition for the first time after beating in the final against Umm Al-Nafi’i two goals during the meeting which brought the two teams at the Stadium of Doha in the presence of a large crowd.

Ibrahim Fawzi scored the winner’s goals in the 51.55th minute and gave his team the title amid great joy for the fans who followed the meeting and the company’s officials.

The event is part of the Qatar Olympic Committee’s active campaign to promote health awareness through education and awareness of the importance of sport in the lives of all members of society.

The game was very strong and was only settled in the second half with the defense of both teams in the first half, but Fawzi’s skill settled the score and led his team to win in just 4 minutes.

While the team won the police union in the third place after beating the Al-Wa’ab penalty shootout 7-6 after the end of the original time with a draw with no goals to get the team to 30 thousand riyals value of the third prize for the physical, while the Qatari building won the first place prize 60 thousand riyals and won second place Um Al Nafi’i team for 40 thousand riyals.

The final day of the championship witnessed the presence of a large number of officials of the Olympic Committee, namely Ishaq Al Hashemi, Head of Activities and Events Department of the Olympic Committee Director of the tournament and Fahd Mulla, head of the Relations and Ceremonies Committee in the campaign of Qatar active, in addition to Mansour Al Ansari Secretary General of the Football Association and Saleh Saqr Director of Doha Stadium in addition to attend Massive.

Al Ansari, accompanied by Mulla, Saleh, Saqr and Ishaq Al Hashimi, crowned the medal winners and the Qatar Cup champions for the 28th edition of the championship.

Al-Hashemi expressed his great happiness for the excellent organizational success of this edition, stressing that the Olympic Football Championship is one of the most important activities in Qatar’s active campaign and the great participation of the team which reached 14 teams is a clear indication of the success of this version.

On the technical level of the championship, Al-Hashemi said: Qatar’s construction team was a strong surprise as it was not among the candidates for the title under the control of certain teams for the title in the last 5 years, but this time the championship was full of surprises and a clear evidence of the strength of performance and high technical level of the championship.

For his part, Bader Mostafawi and  Qatar Building Company, expressed his great pleasure in winning the championship for the first time and in the first participation in the championship, stressing that the coronation of the title came with the approval of the Lord of the Worlds.

He thanked the Organizing Committee for the championship and the Qatar campaign for its excellent organization, hoping that this tournament will continue in the future and achieve greater success.