About us

Who We Are

Headquartered in Doha since 1971, Qatar Building Company (QBC) is comprised of three divisions:

  • We maintain “Grade A” classification in each contracting category of the Ministry of finance. We are the contractor of choice for infrastructure projects of any size and complexity.
  • QBC Production delivers the best asphalt, steel, ready-mix and precast concrete, adhering to the highest international standards.
  • QBC Trading provides heavy equipment, spare parts and after-sales service from the most trusted brands around the world.

With over 45 offices, workshops, plants, factories and showrooms strategically located across Qatar, QBC provides the most reliable support and on-time delivery. We are committed to delivering each project, product, and service with excellence and care for the community.

رسالة من مجلس الإدارة

مع ولوج شركتنا عقدها السادس، يبدو الأفق واعدًا بالنسبة لنا للنمو المضطرد، بناء على نجاحنا في انجاز العديد من المشاريع المرموقة في البلاد، نتطلع بثقة إلى المزيد من التطورات والتحديات والمشاريع القادمة لتحقيق رؤية قطر الوطنية ٢٠٣٠ وما بعدها.

كشركة خاصة، فإن أحد مفاتيح نجاحنا هو أننا نحافظ على قنوات مفتوحة للتواصل في جميع عملياتنا ونلتزم بأعلى درجات المرونة في اتخاذ القرارات، وقد سمح لنا ذلك بترسيخ ثقافة أعمق للعمل الجماعي والالتزام بين موظفينا، بالإضافة إلى الاجتهاد والشفافية والمسؤولية الاجتماعية. ولاء عملائنا وموظفينا على مر السنين يشير بقوة إلى التزامنا بهذه الفلسفة، والتي سمحت لنا بتقديم نتائج عالية الجودة باستمرار في خدمات البناء والإنتاج والتجارة.

هدفنا الأساسي هو تلبية جميع متطلبات مشاريع عملائنا، مع الحفاظ على مستوى عالٍ من الجودة والصحة والسلامة والوعي البيئي. من خلال سعينا المثابر نحو التميز، وبدعم من الموارد المتنوعة للشركة، نحن في وضع فريد يتيح لنا أن نضطلع بثقة بأكبر المشاريع وأكثرها تعقيدًا.

يسعدنا أن نتيح لكم الفرصة للتعرف على شركتنا وتاريخها احتفالًا بالذكرى الخمسين لتأسيسها، ونحن نتطلع إلى سنوات عديدة أخرى من التقدم والنمو والإنجازات. ندعوكم لتتصفحوا هذا الكتيب للتعرف على ما يمنح شركة البناء القطرية سمعتها الاستثنائية في قطاع البناء في دولة قطر.

Message From The Board

As we enter our company’s sixth decade, the horizon looks promising for QBC’s continued growth. With some of the nation’s most prestigious projects in our portfolio, we confidently look forward to the challenging developments yet to come under Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and beyond.

As a privately-owned organization, one of the keys to our success is that we maintain open communication throughout all our operations, while maintaining flexibility in our decision-making process. This has allowed us to nurture a deeper culture of teamwork and commitment among our staff, as well as diligence, transparency, and social stewardship. The loyalty of our clients and staff throughout the years strongly indicates our adherence to this philosophy, which has consistently allowed us to deliver top-quality results in our construction, production, and trading services.

Our primary goal is to fulfill all the clients’ project requirements while upholding our high standards of quality, health, safety, and environmental awareness. With an unrelenting pursuit towards excellence, supported by QBC’s various resources, we are in a unique position to confidently pursue the largest and most complex endeavors.

It is with great pleasure that we share our company’s profile and history with you in celebration of our 50th anniversary, as we look forward to many more years of progress, growth, and accomplishments. We invite you to browse through this website for more insights into what gives QBC its exceptional reputation in Qatar’s construction industry.

Mission And Vision

To uphold our reputation as the premier choice for Qatar’s infrastructure needs, Qatar Building Company (QBC)’s mission revolves around five principle goals:

  • To implement sustainable engineering techniques and business best practices that ensure top-quality projects are delivered on-time and within-budget
  • To maintain world-class support services through QBC’s Materials Production and Heavy Equipment Divisions
  • To cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers, engineers, project managers, subcontractors and all stakeholders
  • To uphold the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Human Values for all team members
  • To foster our community and promote environmental awareness by engaging in outreach activities on local, regional and international levels

Our Team

At QBC, we retain personnel for decades. We treat our team and our clients with the respect of a great family, where everyone prospers. Our staff represents over 38 countries, 21 religions and 45 languages, with qualifications covering all commercial and engineering disciplines.

This wealth of construction industry knowledge is cultivated using the latest technologies and up-to-date training. To ensure that our personnel thrive to the best of their potential, we maintain a series of prestigious international memberships and certificates including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 29001:2010, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

QBC continuously invests in team development, Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Target Zero

Health, safety, security, and environment (HSS&E) are not simply afterthoughts at QBC—they are embedded in all of our operations. Through strong leadership, policy implementation and consistent monitoring, we consider every stakeholder in our efforts to sustain a work environment that minimizes harm.
Our commitment to Zero Harm means a commitment to:

  • Zero fatalities
  • Zero permanently disabling injuries
  • Zero injuries to the public
  • Zero long-term harm to health
  • Zero harm to the environment

The results of our efforts speak for themselves:
Accident & LTI frequency rates continue to drop, year after year.

HSE Statistics 2006-2012