Hamad bin Khalifa University held a dinner on Wednesday night honoring the Qatar Building Company (QBC) for its ongoing QBC Scholarship program. The special dinner was held at the Hamad bin Khalifa Student Center with upper management from both sides attending.

Established during the 2005-2006 academic year, the QBC Scholarship program was designed to allow students to continue with their university studies and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to compete, succeed and lead in Qatar and the global community.

Since then, QBC has sponsored 15 students throughout their undergraduate studies. Through the program these students have had the opportunity to attend the branch campuses of some of Education City’s leading universities which include Virginia Commonwealth University, Weill Cornell Medical College, Texas A&M University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown University and Northwestern University.

“The relationship between educational institutions and the private sector is a critical one,” said Mrs. Romy M. Haddad, Public Relations Manager at QBC, who gave the thank you speech at the event. “The interaction creates a synergy that enhances the development of education, the industry, and the greater community,” she continued.

The QBC Scholarship program supports students who are chosen based on academic performance, disciplinary record, and financial need. QBC plans to continue the QBC Scholarship Program indefinitely.

Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al Khanji, Vice President of Student Affairs at Hamad bin Khalifa University thanked QBC for their continued support for the scholarship programs at HBKU and stated that such effort stems of deep understanding of the corporate positive role in society and the commitment of QBC to make a positive impact on education in Qatar.

On accepting the appreciation certificate and crystal trophy, Mr. Ali M. T. Mustafawi, QBC Managing Director, commented: “These scholarships are a part of our ambitious commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe that education is the noblest way to empower our youth and improve the community at large. We fully support Hamad bin Khalifa University and its worthy cause.”

During the ceremony, students were reminded of their internship opportunity and invited to apply for one of the 6-16 week placements available at QBC: “Education does not stop at the classroom,” Haddad said. “Take every opportunity to learn and develop, starting with an internship at QBC.”

Each year Hamad bin Khalifa University and the branch campuses award a limited number of merit scholarships. The number of scholarships awarded has grown to their present level thanks to generous donations from prominent individuals, private and public institutions such as the Qatar Building Company.

These donations enables Hamad bin Khalifa University and the branch campuses to award full tuition merit scholarships to undergraduate students with outstanding academic qualifications, further emphasizing its commitment to creativity, learning and education.