Qatar Construction Company (QNB) yesterday launched a blood donation campaign entitled “Our Mother for the Nation”, which comes in conjunction with the national gift of citizens and residents to circumvent the wise leadership and the State of Qatar, expressing solidarity and solidarity with the Qatari people.This initiative, which will be celebrated by the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Qatar Construction Company, witnessed the participation of the company’s leaders and employees, who represent 80 ginsp from around the world. They came from the early morning to the mobile blood bank, Donors from 8 am to 4 pm.
“This initiative is being implemented by the Qatari construction company every six months, contributing to community care and development and the company’s commitment to the people and the state of Qatar in general,” said Bader Mostafavi. “This initiative comes in interaction with the Qatari people and our community responsibility. The donation of blood is an elegant and civilized way of expressing the solidarity of the people among themselves, a message we want to address to the world and the international community to urge it to pay attention to social responsibility. ”
He explained that all the employees of the company rushed from the early hours to the mobile blood bank to donate their blood in an excellent way to express unlimited support towards Qatar, especially if it coincided with the imposition of the blockade on Qatar by three Gulf countries, “I take this opportunity to emphasize loyalty To His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar and to the State of Qatar.
“The company’s social responsibility is not limited to blood donation campaigns,” he added. “Other initiatives include cooperation with Total, where health tests and an awareness day for the company’s drivers about diabetes and its multiple risks have been carried out.
Qatar Construction Company is engaged in various fields. It works in the fields of contracting, real estate, infrastructure, building towers, tunnels and bridges. The company has 8 factories and is preparing to open 4 other factories in addition to the trade of cars, heavy equipment and kitchen utensils and has investments abroad, including in North Africa. He stressed that the company currently focuses on the local market, especially the manufacturing, which is supported by the state.
Bader Mustapha said that the real estate sector and the companies operating there were not affected by the embargo. He noted the pioneering role played by the state, as it hastened in a short time to find alternative and new international markets from sisterly and friendly countries where the materials were imported from neighboring countries