Roads & Maintenance Division

Precast Section

QBC Precast is a local manufacturer for both standard and special precast concrete elements. Our aim is to always, enrich the Qatari market with the highest quality of products. With skilled and specialized manpower, all of our products are as per QCS, or as per project specification.

  • Drainage water Soakaways
  • Precast: –
  1. Gullies.
  2. Manholes
  3. Catchpit Chambers
  4. Joint bay Culverts
  5. Service Cabinet Panels (Water & Electric)
  6. Cable Tiles
  7. Marker Posts
  8. WND Valve Chambers
  9. Telecommunication Chambers (Ooredoo, Vodafone, QNBN, …etc)
  10. Vehicle Barriers
  11. Wheel Stoppers
  12. Bollards
  13. Precast Street Light & Traffic Sign Foundations
  14. Special Precast Elements.

Contact Person

  • Abdul Wahab
  • 66071198