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Qatar Construction launches ‘Our Mother for the Nation’ Campaign

Qatar Construction Company (QNB) yesterday launched a blood donation campaign entitled “Our Mother for the Nation”, which comes in conjunction with the national gift of citizens and residents to circumvent the wise leadership and the State of Qatar, expressing solidarity and solidarity with the Qatari people.This initiative, which will be celebrated by the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Qatar Construction Company, witnessed the participation of the company’s leaders and employees, who represent 80 ginsp from around the world. They came from the early morning to the mobile blood bank, Donors from 8 am to 4 pm.
“This initiative is being implemented by the Qatari construction company every six months, contributing to community care and development and the company’s commitment to the people and the state of Qatar in general,” said Bader Mostafavi. “This initiative comes in interaction with the Qatari people and our community responsibility. The donation of blood is an elegant and civilized way of expressing the solidarity of the people among themselves, a message we want to address to the world and the international community to urge it to pay attention to social responsibility. ”
He explained that all the employees of the company rushed from the early hours to the mobile blood bank to donate their blood in an excellent way to express unlimited support towards Qatar, especially if it coincided with the imposition of the blockade on Qatar by three Gulf countries, “I take this opportunity to emphasize loyalty To His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar and to the State of Qatar.
“The company’s social responsibility is not limited to blood donation campaigns,” he added. “Other initiatives include cooperation with Total, where health tests and an awareness day for the company’s drivers about diabetes and its multiple risks have been carried out.
Qatar Construction Company is engaged in various fields. It works in the fields of contracting, real estate, infrastructure, building towers, tunnels and bridges. The company has 8 factories and is preparing to open 4 other factories in addition to the trade of cars, heavy equipment and kitchen utensils and has investments abroad, including in North Africa. He stressed that the company currently focuses on the local market, especially the manufacturing, which is supported by the state.
Bader Mustapha said that the real estate sector and the companies operating there were not affected by the embargo. He noted the pioneering role played by the state, as it hastened in a short time to find alternative and new international markets from sisterly and friendly countries where the materials were imported from neighboring countries

Hamad opens new care facility for expatriates returning home

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) today officially opened Bayt Aman, a care facility for expatriate laborers who are in the final stages of recovery following illness and waiting to return to their home country.

Bayt Aman, a villa in Al Thumama, can accommodate up to 12 guests at a time and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a charge nurse and patient care attendants. Guests being cared for at Bayt Aman no longer need the clinical supervision that is provided at HMC’s rehabilitation and long-term care units. Commenting on the benefits offered by Bayt Aman, Mr. Mahmoud Al Raisi, Chief of Continuing Care at HMC said: “Bayt Aman provides a safe and restorative environment for expatriate workers who have completed medical treatment and are waiting to return home. The accommodation will help our guests who have completed their treatment at HMC to fully recuperate and re-adjust to their normal routines so they are better able to return to living their everyday lives.”

Opening Bayt Aman, Mr. Ali Al Khater, HMC Chief Communications Officer said: “I am delighted to welcome colleagues, including those from the Community Police and Human Rights Departments at the Ministry of Interior, to the opening of Bayt Aman. This project has shown the value of different organizations working together effectively for the benefit of guests at Bayt Aman.” The Bayt Aman villa was donated to HMC by the Qatar Building Company (QBC). QBC owner, Mr. Abdulhameed Mostafawi said: “We are delighted to be able to provide HMC with the villa and to help these patients recover fully and begin to live a normal daily life before they return home. This is something we believe is part of our social responsibility.”

Bayt Aman, which is also supported by the Ministry of Interior, has been open for seven months and has helped 13 guests. Jerman Mukhiya, from Nepal, will be leaving Qatar shortly and has been staying at Bayt Aman for six and a half months after recovering from a traumatic brain injury: “Bayt Aman has allowed me to fully recover from my injuries in a safe and caring environment. It has also given me the opportunity to ease myself back into everyday life, doing things like cooking and cleaning. I am very thankful to both HMC and the Ministry of Interior for supporting me and my family before I return to Nepal.”

The opening of Bayt Aman follows the recent expansion of facilities across HMC, including commencing care services at two new hospitals, the Communicable Disease Center and the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute.

Ashghal opens Al Sheehaniya-Leatooriya road to traffic

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has opened Al Sheehaniya-Leatooriya Road to traffic today (31/8/2016). The13-kilometre new road is the longest project on the Expressway Programme to be available for public use this year. The road, which has been named Al Sheehaniya – Leatooriya Road, extends from the Dukhan Highway and Al Sheehaniya Camel Race Track to the regional town of Leatooriya.

Al Sheehaniya – Leatooriya Road will provide road users with two lanes in each direction, doubling the traffic capacity of the existing road and enabling more efficient movement of materials, goods and people between urban and rural parts of Qatar. In addition to increasing the traffic capacity of the previous expressway, Ashghal has significantly improved safety measures for drivers, including the installation of guardrails to reduce the risk of animals straying onto the roadway, rumble strips to reduce unplanned lane departures, 300 street lights, high-visibility lane markings for night driving and speed cameras.

The project will simultaneously enhance existing utilities networks in the local area, through the installation of modern water supply lines and electrical and communications cabling. Ashghal is working to complete several other key features on the new Al Sheehaniya – Leatooriya Road, including a camel underpass and a pedestrian footbridge near Al Doosari Zoo. The pedestrian overpass is 75 percent complete, while the 38 metre-long camel underpass between Al Sheehaniya and Leatooriya is in the final stages of construction. Ashghal expects that the pedestrian footbridge and camel underpass will be complete within the next three months.

In the interests of sustainability and promoting community engagement, the Public Works Authority will also convert the existing parallel roadway between Al Sheehaniya and Leatooriya into a dedicated cycling lane and footpath. Construction of the Al Sheehaniya – Leatooriya Road, which forms part of Ashghal’s Al Sheehaniya – Leatooriya – Lijmiliya Expressway project, commenced in November 2014 and during that time, over 490 workers have been working to complete this section of the roadway. The project is being constructed by Qatar Building Company (QBC), one of the solely Qatari owned and operated contractors on Ashghal’s Expressway Programme. To date, QBC has completed the construction of approximately 80 percent of the entire Al Sheehaniya – Leatooriya – Lijmiliya project without any lost-time injuries to its workers.

The Al Sheehaniya – Leatooriya – Lijmiliya Road expressway project will establish a 29 kilometre road in regional Qatar, providing efficient transit and improving road safety for local and foreign road users. The project is expected to be complete in early 2017.

QIB announces partnership with the Qatar Building Company

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) – Qatar’s leading Islamic Bank – has announced a strategic partnership with the Qatar Building Company as part of its Fleet and Heavy Equipment Financing package, launched recently this year.

The signing ceremony, at the QIB’s Head Office was attended by Tarek Fawzi, General Manager of Wholesale Banking, QIB; Bader Mostafawi, Group Commercial Manager of the Qatar Building Company; and senior representatives of both companies.

Under the agreement, customers interested in purchasing or leasing vehicles or heavy equipment through Qatar Building Company, a trusted dealer of brands such as Hyundai – Heavy Industries, will be given priority access to QIB’s finance offerings.

The partnership will further extend QIB’s efforts to assist small to medium enterprises to obtain timely and efficient financing in a convenient manner – supporting businesses in the transport, construction, manufacturing or service industries to grow.

The combination of QIB’s experience in developing tailored sector-related packages along with Qatar Building Company’s industry reach will produce positive synergies for the companies’ diverse customer bases.

QIB’s Fleet and Heavy Equipment Financing package was introduced in June 2015 as part of the bank’s broad range of “Aamaly” products specifically designed for the Small & Medium Enterprise sector.

The package enables SMEs to develop the fleet facilities needed to grow their business, whether for making deliveries, shipment and distribution, or transporting equipment. It is designed to be a convenient way for companies to finance their fleet, and allows them to finance any kind of vehicle – cars, vans, buses, bulldozers, earth-moving equipment, diggers or trucks.

QIB offers different financing amounts to suit a variety of business needs, with competitive profit rates and no additional charges. Financing tenure can be up to 48 months with a grace period of 1-3 months, along with flexible down payments, a fast processing time and variable instalment options.

“This partnership underscores QIB’s commitment towards supporting the country’s economy, enhancing the role of the private sector in order to achieve suitable economic diversification as part of Qatar National Vision 2030 and enable customers to get what they need swiftly and seamlessly in order to grow their businesses,” said Tarek Fawzi, General Manager of QIB’s Wholesale Banking Group.

“Our fleet and heavy equipment financing package was introduced to meet the growing needs of our corporate customers by offering personalised attention built upon prompt service and competitive rates. The package was designed to minimise the effort associated with sourcing and financing heavy equipment and vehicle fleet, and our partnership with the Qatar Building Company will offer further convenience and simplicity.”

“We are very pleased to enter into a partnership with QIB,” added Bader Mostafawi, Group Commercial Manager of the Qatar Building Company. “With this partnership, our customers will enjoy fast-tracked financing approval, with the outcome being high levels of customer satisfaction and increased visibility – and efficient and simplified processes for QBC staff,” Mr. Mostafawi said.

The Qatar Building Company is a highly regarded local business with core services comprising civil engineering, materials production and the sale of construction equipment. Its QBC Trading division provides heavy equipment, spare parts and after-sales service from brands including Hyundai – Heavy Equipment Machines.